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    Aligning Education Management
    System with Technology.
    Manage the data of schools and colleges in
    an innovative way!
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Experience all the features of Shiksha Lab!


There is no need to install any kind of software on client machines. Shikshalab can be accessed from anywhere through Internet.


Just about anyone with working knowledge of computers will be able to handle Shikshalab. The whole software is based on simplicity itself.


We know that internet access isn’t always blazing fast so we have made our application as light as possible hence your data will load unbelievably fast, guaranteed!


Our servers are located at Asia's biggest data centre. Plus, our security hardening mechanism protects your data like a sacred treasure.

About us

Established in 2013,Benchmark Group is a team of creative technology thinkers and makers dedicated to the pursuit an Automation system to schools which is second to none.Moderns Software Development requires knowledge of many platforms.We're no stranger to the latest trends and technologies across the major web.

Great Design is baked into everything we do.We believe in an iterative process for design and strive for feedback and validations every step of the way.We're all about client collaboration ,preferring to work with you,rather than for you.We are still only a small team but we really like that way.It allow us to stay flexible,easily respond to trends and offer the best customer support imaginable.Our client have direct with our team ,allowing clear communication & regular project updates.

Value Propositions

Enhanced school branding * Control over revenue * By using latest technologies make your school a Techno Savvy School.

Get all the real -time information from various departments * Birthday reminder for students and staff members * Easy Pay rolling of staff.
More focus on efficient education delivery * Anywhere anytime access to student records * Quick and effective communication with students and parents.
Updated on day-to-day activities * Access to circulars, homework and remarks from teachers * Student Time-Line.

Are You Living in the Past?

No matter whether a school or college is big or small, it needs to maintain a flawless data of various activities. In older days people do lots of hectic paper work to manage the data in schools and colleges. Now we are introducing a web application which revolutionizing the world of education management system.

Our Modules

Student Information & Fee Management

This application not only takes care of the school revenue but also provides a robust student databasegoing through different processes of enquiries,registrations, admissions, and transport usage.

Transportation Management

Provide Transportation service hassle free. Just add transportation facility at admission time it show Transport fee route and other detail at one click

Progress & Result Management System

Enjoy the utmost convenience of generatingreport cards for different classes. This moduleincludes attendance, homework, timetable,communication system.

HR & Payroll Management System

It gives comprehensive reports related to salary,leave, increments, arrear, DA, PF & Form 16. It alsogives a dynamic formula builder to customize salary structure as per school’s need.

Dynamic Reports

Shikshalab offers a unique dynamic reporting tool which provides great flexibility to design and print endless report based on specific needs of management and auditors with built-in excel export feature.

SMS Email Alerts

Application is integrated with sms and email gateways.These message are also scheduled and triggered on events like: instant fee acknowledgements,fee due reminders,daily birthday wishes etc.

Experience all the features of Shiksha Lab!