Although this is a cloud service, the software is configurable as per school’s individual requirements. You will be able to maintain your school’s uniqueness by picking and choosing what process you would need.

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We continuously invest in our solutions to ensure best practices. We enrich the software based on user feedback and statutory changes. We ensure timely updates without disrupting the users.

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We have made it a top priority to ensure that all - admin, teacher and parent dashboards are easy to use. We have
tried and tested them numerous times to make
sure they are user friendly. So, even the most basic
user will be
able to run things in an uncomplicated manner.
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Shiksha Lab offers a unique dynamic reporting tool which provides great _edibility to design and print endless Reports based on specific needs of users, management and auditors with “built-in excel export feature” and direct connectivity with SMS and EMAIL gateways. These messages are also scheduled and triggered on events like: instant fee acknowledgements, fee due reminders, new registration/admission welcome Messages, intimation to absentees, daily birthday wishes etc.

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Our Promises

High performance in normal broadband

Stringent security and data privacy

Guaranteed availability (99 percept uptime)

Disaster recovery with data replication servers

Reduced need for IT staff

Value Propositions

Value Propositions

Enhanced school branding * Control over revenue * By using latest technologies make your school a Techno Savvy School.

Get all the real -time information from various departments * Birthday reminder for students and staff members * Easy Pay rolling of staff.
More focus on efficient education delivery * Anywhere anytime access to student records * Quick and effective communication with students and parents.
Updated on day-to-day activities * Access to circulars, homework and remarks from teachers * Student Time-Line.